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Applying to Dulwich International High School Zhuhai

Dulwich International High School Zhuhai was established in 2010 and was co-founded with the Yung Wing School. Our school was the first high school in China linked to a British independent school. Our students benefit from the shared facilities situated within the Yung Wing grounds.

Dulwich International High School Zhuhai offers three- or four-year university preparatory courses for Chinese and international students aged 15 to 18. Our school is academically selective and our students follow the IGCSE and A-Level curricula. Our students achieve excellent results and gain entry to some of the world’s most prestigious schools including Cambridge, Oxford and other Russell Group universities in the UK, Ivy League universities in the US, and leading institutions in Canada and around the world.

The primary language of instruction is English and our students become fluent and confident communicators with many opportunities to develop their public speaking skills. Our co-curricular programme offers our students a rich and varied range of activities to develop their interests and skills outside the classroom. Leading universities accept students who have more to offer than academic success.

The close collaboration among Dulwich College International schools, and with our founding school, Dulwich College, gives our students unique opportunities to participate in group-wide events, benefit from the group's relationships with leading educational and artistic organisations and be part of a growing international alumni network.

How to Apply

We encourage you to visit our campus to learn more about the College. Please read our Prospectus below. To contact our Admissions team with further questions please call +86 0756 8693133 / 8693233 or email

Admissions Criteria

Our school is open to Chinese and international students. Our primary language of teaching is English and thus our students are required to have a high level of English language ability. Admissions are selective and the decision is based on official school transcripts, records, testing and other evaluative procedures. We explain all such procedures to parents and prospective students ahead of time.

We enrol students in accordance with the spaces available in the appropriate year level. 

Thank you for your interest. Please read our Admissions Brochure, which provides all the information required for enrolment. If you wish to apply, please complete our online application form with all required documentation, and the application fee.

Our Fees

Below are our school fees for the 2018/2019 academic year.


Examination fees for the IGCSE and A-Level programmes are not included in our tuition fees, nor are fees for school trips. Optional school trip expenses are also borne by the parents or guardians.

The cost of school lunches is not included in our tuition fees. Our school lunches are catered by Yung Wing School. Please click here for more details.

Selected Students Only

If you have been invited to resit an exam, please click here. If you have been offered a place at Dulwich International High School please click for acceptance and subject selection forms (Year 10 – 4 Year Programme, Year 10 Fast-Track – 3 Year Programme, Year 12 (AS-Level) and additional materials.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.    The concept of a ‘holistic education’ from Dulwich College, our founding school in London, will benefit students who attend Dulwich International High School Zhuhai.

2.    Dulwich College International assigns specialists to our school for guidance, support and annual assessments each year, so as to ensure Dulwich International High School Zhuhai has the same quality teaching with that of Dulwich College

3.    There are a large number of trips and outreach activities every year within the network, and the students from Dulwich International High School Zhuhai can enjoy these opportunities alongside Dulwich students around the world.

4.    Students from different Dulwich International schools can communicate with each other frequently, enabling the students from Dulwich International High School Zhuhai to directly contact with students from all over the world.

IGCSE refers to International General Certificate of Secondary Education, i.e., the international curriculum system designed specifically for the students of grade 4 and 5 of middle school (equivalent to grade 1 and 2 of high school in China). The students, after obtaining the IGCSE qualification certificate awarded by Cambridge International Examinations, will have adequate preparation for A Level study. IGCSE is recognised by universities worldwide.

A-Level refers to the General Certificate of Education Advanced Level, and is the national education curriculum of the UK, as well as the main qualification for students of the UK before they enter university. The curriculum has been recognized as a “foreign college entrance examination” by more than 6000 universities from 125 countries around the world, and the students can directly apply for the college based on the grade of the international “foreign college entrance examination”.

The A-Level curriculum system has over 50 years of history, since it was put into formal use in 1951. The A-Level is two years in duration. The first year is called AS-Level and the second year is called A2. After passing the examination, students will obtain the A Level certificate.

UCLES is responsible for the administration of the A-Level, and two or three examination sessions are held every year. The students can take the examination again if they fail, and the highest score of the multiple examinations will be used. The students and school can choose examinations according to the student’s learning progress. Admission to UK universities is determined by the grades of three A-Levels, and their general academic performance may also be examined. Students, with grade D in three A-Level subjects, can apply to a degree program in common universities. Those with grade B in three A-Level subjects can be admitted to prestigious universities that have a scientific research level higher than Peking University and Tsinghua University. Students with grades A* or A in three or four A-Level subjects qualify for entering top-tier universities including the University of Oxford and University of Cambridge.

Dulwich International High School Zhuhai holds an entrance examination, which has similar requirements for admission as foreign universities, including:
•    Academic performance
•    Hobbies and interests
•    Personality of students
•    Willingness to learn

Our school provides several opportunities for entrance from January to June every year. If students are admitted to Dulwich, they are guaranteed to make it into a course overseas.

A-Level provides an international education for high school students, which is completely different from the education system based on the Chinese college entrance examination. If students want to be admitted to excellent colleges and universities in China, then good public schools are the best choice for them, but if they want to enter world-renowned colleges and universities overseas, Dulwich should be their first choice.

Students completing their education at Dulwich International High School Zhuhai will obtain two types of graduation certificates:
1)    A-Level school report issued by Cambridge International Examinations (equal to international high school diploma).
2)    High school graduation certificate issued by Dulwich International High School Zhuhai, which proves that the students have completed their 3 or 4-year international high school education.

The catering and accommodation of our school are managed by Yung Wing School Zhuhai, who provides five meals each day from Monday to Friday, including three dinners and an additional dessert in the morning and a late snack, so as to guarantee the nutritional requirements of the students for their physical growth.

In the dormitory two students share one room of more than 20 square metres, with free WIFI provided. Each student has their own bed, desk, shelf and mosquito net. In addition, professional dorm teachers are employed to help students learn about independent living.

Students without a guardian in Zhuhai must live on campus. Specialized dorm teachers will manage and accompany the students on weekends. Students need to pay for meals on the weekends but our school will provide a cooker or they can go out to taste the local cuisine.

Dulwich International High School Zhuhai employs full-time university counsellors to help students set learning objectives, guarantee their learning motivation and assist them in completing the application process for university. The school establishes a personal file for each student from the time they enter the school, helping them find their preferences, interests, strengths and weaknesses. They can research areas of interest while investigating and understanding different foreign universities and their specialties. The requirements for admission to foreign universities include:

•    Academic performance
•    Other special skills
•    Independent learning ability
•    Community service
•    Critical thinking
•    Contribution to the school
•    Exam results of IELTS or TOEFL

Dulwich provides IELTS and TOEFL courses for students who wish to take them. We recommend students who want to study in the North American countries to focus on TOEFL, but many universities in North America also accept IELTS. In addition, IELTS is required by UK and Commonwealth countries. Therefore, IELTS is more widely used.

Students may receive more than one offer, so parents and students need to confirm their target universities, and immediately log in to the relevant website to query visa issues, which will be solved by students and their families communicating with university admission teams.

Students should focus on the study of foundation subjects, with a focus on English language foundation, if they want to study at Dulwich International High School Zhuhai. To help students prepare for the entrance examination, we have set up the Dulwich Preparation Course, which students can enroll in if they wish to.