Dulwich International High School Zhuhai is situated in its own three-story building on the renowned Yung Wing School campus. Extensive, modern facilities provide students with the best possible environment for learning. Classrooms are spacious and students have access to a wide range of resources. Specialist facilities include science laboratories, information and communication technology suites, library, multi-purpose hall, drama studio and art and design rooms. There is also a modern music suite with a computer lab for composing, a rehearsal room for music practice and two well-equipped classrooms.

Students also benefit from the shared facilities of the Yung Wing School which offers a school canteen and high quality boarding facilities, as well as a large football field, gymnasium and TV station. To ensure students feel comfortable in their learning environment there are a number of student spaces, including dedicated study areas, outside seating for students to meet and socialise and an on-site café called Creations Express, where students have access to a range of western food and can study in a relaxing environment.

The school aims to maximize teaching and learning outcomes by harnessing new technology to best effect. We are a bring your own device (BYOD) school and expect all students to have access to a mobile device (laptop or tablet) for learning. All our students are connected to the internet through a student account and the school uses Microsoft Office 365 for both communication and as a learning platform for students. The school also uses SIMS as its student management and data collection and analysis system.

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