IGCSE Programme

IGCSEs are the leading international qualification for students looking to attend an international university.  The IGCSE programme lasts for one or two years, depending upon the qualifications of the student.

Compulsory subjects in our IGCSE course are: IGCSE Mathematics, IGCSE English Language, IGCSE Chinese, Physical Education and A Creative Arts Project (Art, Music and Drama).

Students whose overall score is strong enough to be offered a place, but who have a relatively low English entrance exam score, may be required to take English Support

The majority of students will study five IGCSE option subjects. And students must choose at least one Science (Biology, Chemistry, or Physics).

We also have a selective option; ‘Fast Track’ for students we deem advanced enough. Fast Track is a one-year IGCSE course where the exam compulsory IGCSE subjects are - Chemistry, Chinese, Economics, English Language, Mathematics and Physics. Non-exam compulsory subjects are Physical Education and University Counselling.