Marie Liang photo

Marie Liang

Head of Chinese

Marie Liang joined Dulwich International High School Zhuhai in August 2013, and has risen to Head of Chinese department, Assistant Head of Year, and the coordinator of the IPA Programme.

Marie holds both the National Certificate of Qualification as a Chinese Subject Teacher and the International Certificate for Senior Chinese Language Teaching. Her teaching journey starts 15 years ago, from Shenzhen University to international schools. She has taught students from 40 countries around the world, and she understands students’ characteristics change with children of different nationalities and ages. She has experiences of several subjects, such as Chinese as first, foreign and second language, English, Community Service, Interdisciplinary inquiry, Intercultural Communication, Chinese Civilization and International Chinese Teaching Training.

At DHZH, Marie organizes different forms of cultural exchange activities, including Chinese Corner and Chinese traditional Culture.  She is committed to promoting Chinese culture in the international background through cultural communication between China and the west.


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