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Jessica Rogers

English Teacher/Child Protection Officer

I have been an English teacher for many years now and wanted to come and challenge myself to teach in a new country and be the student for a change! Having worked in London and Essex, I was keen to learn about a new context. I love to read, write and explore new places as well as get to know the History and culture of where I am. I will of course be getting involved in the sporting side of things too.
In a previous life, I worked as a Chef so I am having fun exploring the culinary delights that China has to offer!
I also taught Media so I love films (watching and making) especially sci fi and I am fascinated by ideas of representation in our modern world. My degree specialised in Modern and Gothic Literature so the students will be meeting some famous characters during our journey together.
Having worked in a sixth form previously, I am looking forward to helping students prepare for university life and am very excited to send them on this incredible journey.

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