Edward Eveniss photo

Edward Eveniss

Teacher of Economics and Business Studies

Edward Eveniss comes from London, UK. After a career in business he decided to actively pursue lifelong passions for education and teaching, and he thus took a PGCE (Business/Economics) at Worcester University in 2008. He has been in China for most of the time since then, and has taught many wonderful students in Xi’an, Hangzhou and Nanjing, from whom he has learned a lot about Chinese history, language and culture. The students have also been brilliant to work with. The strength and depth of academic ability that he has encountered in China has been amazing, and it has been both a pleasure and a privilege to share his enthusiasm for economics with them. He is pleased to say that many of the young people that he has taught have now gone on to study at top-tier universities worldwide, and he look forward to the students that he is currently teaching economics to at Dulwich Zhuhai following suit.

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