Congratulations to Dulwich Zhuhai’s talented mathematicians, who successfully completing the United Kingdom Maths Trust (UKMT) Senior Maths Challenge and the Canadian Caribou Maths Contest.

A total of 65 DHZH students had been awarded with certificates from the UKMT this year, including:

·      5 Gold

·      19 Silver

·      41 Bronze

Leading the way were our Y12 student Essen Q and Y11 student Charlotte C with an outstanding score of 105 and 100 out of 125 respectively. Both of them received Gold Certificates, Best in Year Award and Best in School Award.

Three students also managed to secure Gold certificates for their excellent efforts and accomplishment. They are Zach L, Alan T and Victoria L.

All Y10 students at DHZH have successfully completed the first two rounds of the Canadian Caribou Maths Contest. 10 students are in the top 10% world ranking:

World's Top 10% at the 2021 Caribou Maths Contest

 Jason L (2%), Yan W (2%)

Tom W (4%), Winnie C (4%), Jessica L (4%), Maggie M (5%)

Henry L (9%), Michael Z (9%), Diana D (10%) and Hedy Z (10%)

Congratulations to all students who have taken part and we very much look forward to more success next year! 


UKMT Maths Challenge is a world renowned and prestigious Maths competition. The three levels cover secondary school age and together they attract over 600,000 entries from over 4,000 schools and colleges in the UK and around the world every year. 


The Canadian Caribou Maths Contest is another international online Maths contest held six times over the year. Top-scoring students can earn cash prizes and also scholarships from the Brock University in Canada.  The contest this year attract over 65,000 entries from 36 countries and 926 schools.