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Andrew Lau

Deputy Director (Administration and Liaison)

Andrew Lau has been teaching Economics in schools in mainland China and Hong Kong for 20 years. His professionality is in inter-disciplinary curriculum integration and has been seconded to Curriculum Development Department at Education Bureau for a SEED project. He was one of the pioneers in school-based curriculum development in 1998.

Having won the Chief Executive Award for Teaching Excellence in 2006, Mr Lau has been dedicated to curriculum development, school administration and management for 15 years. He was the school principal in a subsidized school in Hong Kong and a K12 school in mainland China respectively. Since 2018 he was the headmaster at Shantou Chun Wing International School, a K12 school with 1,900 students offering boarding service.

Mr Lau was born in Beijing and has studied in China, Hong Kong, UK and Germany. He graduated from Queen Mary and Westfield College, University of London for his B.Sc. Econ. (Hons), received his Master in Economics and Master in Education at Hong Kong University, studied Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) at the Chinese University of Hong Kong and MBA at Georg Simon Ohm Professional School in Germany. Mr. Lau is also a PhD candidate in Soochow University.

Mr Lau lives in Macau with his wife and two daughters who are studying at University of Macau. He is a life-long learner and believe that education is the best way to develop students' potential as each student is unique.

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