AY22-23 Dulwich Zhuhai Open Days

The high school journey is important to every individual student and the family. It prepares the students for their university application and major selection, as well as to thrive in the rapid-changing world in the future with confidence.

The student-centred holistic education at Dulwich Zhuhai is designed to encourage students to explore their talent and interests. It is our goal to support every student gains access to their first choice of university, and success in their best-fit pathway. Over the years, our students have been matriculated in stella universities around the world, including University of Oxford, Imperial College London, University of Hong Kong, Berklee College of Music, the University of the Arts London, and many others. The course our students would like to pursue are quite wide ranging from the well-known Business and Management, Engineering, Art, Music, Science, to some of the niche areas, such as veterinary, fin-tech, anthropology and film production.

Open Days | Dulwich Zhuhai

Our annual “Open Day” is well-designed for prospective students and parents who are interested in enrolling in Dulwich Zhuhai. The event offers an inclusive experience of our campus life with a series of different activities, including Introduction of our rigorous holistic education, admissions criteria and best-fit pathyway philosophy, Tastor lessons, and Campus Tour, as well as the opportunities to have face-to-face engagement with our enrolled students and parents, our Senior Leadership Team and Admissions Team.

Open to families with child(ren) applying for Years 10-13 (ages 14 to 18).

By this time, you may be curious:

  1. Which university and major should I apply for? When do I need to make the decision?
  2. Why does co-curricular activities and experience matter to university application? Will the students be distracted from their subject learning?
  3. What does the Best-fit Pathway philosophy have to do with my university application?

We will be hosting our Open Day in March 2024, Entrance Examination schedules will be announced soonest. Stay tuned.

Come and join us in our Open Day, to learn more about our Best-fit philosophy and experience our teaching and learning activities for your future decision to international holistic education.